About Promoter / Promoter’s Mission Statement

Phiroz Ahmed Sheikh, a postgraduate in engineering and an entrepreneur based in Great Britain is the owner of entertainment business under the name of “Big Idea Designs Ltd”.

Phiroz Ahmed Sheikh has 20 years of experience in the entertainment industry. His creativity and passion for filmmaking made immense contribution to the company’s goodwill and reputation.

Phiroz Ahmed Sheikh has a penchant for philosophy, is a connoisseur of some of the unique forms of arts and has high regards for corporate social responsibility.

Phiroz Ahmed Sheikh is well connected with professionals in entertainment business and has two successful release/association to his credit, one each in Bollywood and Hollywood. His synergy of operation and experience, both in Bollywood and Hollywood, has brought the company to new heights.

Phiroz Ahmed Sheikh has successfully done some breathtaking deals by the way of joint ventures and expression of interests with some of the leading personalities in the field of arts. He has successfully, through joint ventures, helped the company to own some leading scripts in Hollywood and Bollywood. He has thus helped the company to substantially increase its assets through the acquisition of 5 movie scripts and invaluable works of art.

Phiroz Ahmed Sheikh has also lead his company in the field of new technology in entertainment business. He has achieved this by having expression of interest signed with Willard Wigan. The brief of his (Willard Wigan’s) personality is as follows.

“ It was our privilege to have Willard Wigan at our office to have feel in person about his amazingly unique skill already entered in Guinness book of records as the only one and can be very well named as the 8th wonder.”

Phiroz Ahmed Sheikh’s association with Big Idea designs Ltd is an invaluable asset to be proud of for the company and his associates.