1. We have acquired Ms.Arsala Qureishi’s business with all the existing rights of the movie and its DVD rights along with 2 scripts under production. The operating status will continue to remain same and all movie releases will be under the banner of Big Idea. We with our team will be funding these scripts to be produced under the banner of Big Idea Ltd.

2. We are holding Gothic Manor Ltd’s rights of the existing movies and their DVDs along with three scripts under production. The operating status will continue to remain same and all movie releases will be under the banner of Gothic Manor Ltd& Big Idea.We are also arranging to fund these upcoming movies and its release in 2015/16 .We will be Producer for such releases.

3. We are holding the inventory of arts, painting and portrait of world renowned artist Mr. Bill Mack , from Mr. Andy Segar who enjoys exclusive business association with him. Mr. Andy is member of the Board. We currently own 27 portraits available for buying. We have rights to conduct, organise exhibition, events and use contents, pictures and information. We also hold rights to promote the art work world renowned artist Mr. Bill Mack for Asia-Pacific region.

We are having a Memorandum of Association duly signed with Willard Wigan by , who has an amazing unique skill already entered in Guinness Book of World Records as the only one and can be very aptly named as the 8th wonder of the world. The skill is to respect small things by having his artistic work displayed in the smallest of platforms like the miniature eye of the needle and the top base of the nail.

Willard Wigan is a well-known figure in the world and as the promoter of Willard Wigan ,he does not need any formal introduction. He is the only person who can do some amazing art work which nobody can ever venture to do.

We have an agreement with Willard Wigan to produce a Biopic film on Mr. Willard Wigan who has had a very humble start in life before he could reach to his ultimate heights.

Our company and Willard Wigan Ltd have agreed to come together in promoting and releasing a series of animation films on his art work on the big screen and applications on gadgets like mobile phone, computer, tablet and Games.

Willard Wigan has agreed to give permission to our Company to use the contents of his achievements, to be incorporated in our website as associate and part of the larger project in place.

Willard Wigan has agreed to associate exclusively with our Company to promote the brand of Mr. Willard Wigan and his work for Asia. We will take on the responsibility for promotion by organising events such as presentations, interviews, and shows in the entire Asia-Pacific region. This exclusive right for brand development will be for a period of ten years.

The company is open for investment in to our various forthcoming releases. The company is registered with HMRC for qualifying to accept investment under Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) and Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS). The benefits under this scheme available for only UK investors. There are many other options available within the company policies. Those interested will have to contact the office for further information.